Veteran Sisters

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From MST to PTSD, female Veterans have a variety of battles that their male counterparts do not experience as often. Because of these disparities, fulfilling the unique needs of female veterans is extremely important. As we teach veterans how to navigate the process, we hope that in turn, they will pay it forward and show others how to take control of their claim and receive the compensation they rightfully deserve through their service of country. Sometimes you get lucky and those you teach join forces and create their own organization. 

One organization that we have helped bring to life and has done just that is the Veteran Sisters. This wonderful group of women are female veterans who we’ve helped navigate the process through their own claims and now specifically advocate for military women through their own non-profit organization. They have endured the same traumas they advocate for and are doing a tremendous job! 

Doing what we do isn’t easy, but our founders knowledge through many decades of experience  is parallel to very few and can help teach you too. There are so many veterans that need help and all the help we can get is greatly appreciated.

If you or someone you know is a female veteran and needs help be sure to reach out to these fine women at 

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