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About Veterans Paying It Forward

Empowering Veterans,
Honoring Service

We are driven by a deep sense of gratitude and unwavering commitment to our esteemed veterans. We recognize the sacrifices they have made, and it is our goal to provide comprehensive support and resources to enhance their well-being and ensure a smooth transition into civilian life.

Our Mission

Our mission is simple yet profound: to honor the service of our veterans and empower them to thrive beyond their military careers. We strive to ensure that every veteran receives the care, support, and opportunities they deserve.

Our Approach

We do things slightly different than other advocacy groups in that we ask you to take control of your claim. We have numerous claims going simultaneously at any time and do not have the resources to do all of the work for you. It can be a long process but we are here to guide you through it all and make sure that your claim is successful.

Our Story

Meet the Team

Ronnie Imel

Well, I might not be the greatest but I care and I do my best to help my fellow veterans.

I served in combat and know well what it is like being in the military with all of the problems one can come up with from heavy equipment, toxic exposure, injury and disease and other personal injuries. We have been doing claims work for veterans for more than 25 years, being involved in all kinds of claims and in all kinds of situations with the VA. From healthcare issues to compensation claims issues. We want to help!

Here are some of the other veteran’s organization that I am also associated with:

  • Vietnam Veterans of America
  • Ranger Hall Of Fame
  • DAV
  • American Legion
  • VFW
  • Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association
  • Combat rangers motorcycle Association
  • 75th Army Ranger Association
  • USARA Ranger Association
  • Local Congressional Veterans Association
  • Anza Valley Veterans Association
  • 1st Division Veterans Association
Sally Imel

Sally is our secretary and holds a masters degree. She is a professor and has taught near and far. She rides with the American Legion Riders and also volunteers her time on college campuses to tutor veterans. Being married to a combat veteran, she has first hand experience with the issues that veterans face. Along with being the secretary for Veterans Paying it Forward, Sally assists the Veterans with their C & P appointments.

Edward "Fast Eddie" Milian
Board Member

US Combat Marine in Vietnam, union organizer, professional salesperson, motorcycle rider, wild horse rider. Ed Milian is on several Board of Directors for non profits and knows how to help people with veterans issues, he has been helping other veteran for many years.

John Olague
Board Member

John is a US Marine and was stationed with F.A.S.T. company. He is currently a Butcher for a grocery chain in so cal. John is kind hearted despite his rough and tough appearance. John belongs to many non profit organizations. He is a great public speaker and leader in our local community, and is proud to be associated with this organization.

John Olague Rides with the American Legion Riders and with anyone that is an upstanding flag waving citizen.

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We love what we do, but it can sometimes drain finances. With your contribution, we can pay for things like fuel when driving to a C&P exam, doctor’s visits, etc.