Since 1993

 What We Do

Dealing with the VA can be downright overwhelming. We are an advocacy group that specializes in helping veterans file claims relating to service connected disabilities.

Our founder, Ronnie Imel, has decades of experience working on claims for hundreds of veterans with the VA. He started this nonprofit organization so that we may grow and bring our services to more veterans in need.

Filing a claim for compensation can literally be a part time job, so be prepared to work. We won't do all the work for you, but we will help you navigate the murky waters.

Be sure to check out our blog for information and links to all kinds of stuff.  If you're looking to volunteer, we could always use it. If you'd like to donate, we could surely use it.



Form Assistance

Improperly completed forms are the number one reason for a claim denial. Although the process has become a bit easier, it has still shown to be complicated.

VA Forms

Records Requests

The claims process is RULED by records of evidence. We can assist you in getting / gaining access to your records ( i.e. military records VA medical records, Private medical records, etc)

Personell Records Request

C&P Examinations

C&P exams are tricky and sometimes designed to set you up. It is your right to have a significant other or third party present during your evaluation. With an advocate present, you are more likely to be fairly evaluated.

NEVER forget to take your supporting records to your C&P Exam.

Financial Assistance

More often than not, claims take a long time. Sometimes, things happen during the long wait. Financial help may be available in certain situations, depending on donor availability. We're always accepting donations. (hint hint)