Common Questions and Answers.

Where Do I Begin?

The claims process is ruled by records and what you can prove. Obviously, you should start with obtaining all of your military service records (different places depending on date of discharge), VA medical treatment records, as well as any records of care or treatment from all private facilities including Dr, ER, urgent care, etc. Also, buy a large 3 ring binder to stay organized. THIS IS VITAL!

What Is Needed To Ensure My Claim Is Processed Successfully?

  1. You must prove that you are a veteran and not dishonorably discharged.
  2. You must prove that you had an injury, an illness, an exposure, or presumptive claim.
  3. You must prove that you have a condition that exists since that time to now.
  4. You must prove that the condition exists today
  5. You must prove that condition is a disability now.

Can You Guarantee I'll Get 100%?

There's no way we can guarantee a 100% rating. There are many variables to examine. Evaluation ratings are based on the C&P examiner and VA rating personel. We are not here to help you cheat the system. We only offer guidance and support through the process.

Do You Charge A Fee?

No. Although our level of involvement in your claim is on a case by case basis, we do not charge fees for our services. The information provided throughout this site is intended to help veterans, FREE OF CHARGE. Once your claim is settled, as the organization name says, we ask that you pay it forward in some way.

I Filed My Claim Months Ago But No Response. What Do I Do?

There are a few options. Please contact us for more information.