Compensation Form Assistance

Improperly completed forms are the number one reason for a claim denial. Although the process has become a bit easier, it has still shown to be complicated.

C&P Examinations

C&P exams are tricky and sometimes designed to set you up. It is your right to have a significant other or third party present during your evaluation. With an advocate present, you are more likely to be fairly evaluated.

Financial Assistance

More often than not, claims take a long time. Sometimes, things happen during the long wait. Financial help may be available in certain situations, depending on donor availability. We're always accepting donations. (hint hint)

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Don't Be Afraid Of The VA

The Veterans Administration is all about saving money. And they would rather not pay you if they don't have to. There are so many ways to get denied, but remember it's all an elaborate scheme to get you to give up.

Don't Back Down

Do not let the VA's tactics stop you from filing or giving up on your claim. Be persistent, stay strong, and remember the squeaky wheel gets the grease.

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How To Help

Travel to doctors appointments, C&P exams, case research, and so many more. All of these things take time and money. Usually, out of pocket. We gladly accept donations of any kind from check to vehicles and since we are a nonprofit, any donation is a tax write-off. If you find our services to be helpful, please contribute so that we can continue to pay it forward to other veterans in need.